…(New Zealand) – NASH “VICES” Review

Now I’ve never listened to a rapper from New Zealand before and had honestly not considered what rap music from this country would sound like. This song was my first experience of this music; the first single in three years by rapper NASH.

At first listen to be honest I thought that NASH was an american artist, this was probably due to my expectations of what a New Zealand accent would sound like in rap, but on subsequent listens was able to differentiate this (have to note here that I am terrible when it comes to discerning accents in general). I found NASH’s delivery mesmerising and love the way he constructs his rhymes in a way that is lyrically clever but also rhythmically pleasing. This is illustrated perfectly in the segment before the chorus at roughly 1:23 into the song which flows like poetry. This is contrasted nicely with the harsh delivery used in the chorus where lyrics are spat with venom.

The instrumental features a smooth but dark guitar melody layered over contrasting rapid hi-hats and snares. The beat sounds reassuringly to me but has a slight twist to it in a sense that I can imagine it working well with other genres of music (if that makes any sense whatsoever). Personally I think that overall a more aggressive sounding beat would have been better suited to the vocals on this track. I would have loved to hear a more interesting and more distorted guitar melody as it seems out of place next to the pounding drums. But this isn’t to say that I disliked the instrumental.

Overall I love how this track builds up from the slow start up to the frenetic crescendo and how the at first clever, constructed lyrics give way to harsh almosted shouted vocals as the song reaches it’s peak.


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