Reaction – Lethal Bizzle feat. Giggs & Flowdan – Round Here

I’ll be honest I haven’t really been too keen on Lethal Bizzle’s recent output, whenever I listen to his music it’s usually me listening to Pow on repeat for hours. I haven’t been a big fan of tracks like “Wobble” and “Box” because and I don’t really think they show off Bizzle’s lyrical potential! I must say however that this song has really got my hopes up for new Lethal Bizzle music this year!

The beat (produced by the Heavytrackerz) is sublime and features anthemic but simple strings and choral vocals that give the track a dark atmospheric quality. The hook is simple  and sounds perfect for live performances where I can imagine audiences shouting it at the top of their voices. It is made special in my opinion by the addition of Flowdan’s dark, gritty vocals, which contrast well with Bizzle’s and make me wish he had a verse on this track. Bizzle’s verse is absolutely sick, no question about that at all! I love how hard he goes in on this song with personal highlights being the lyrics “Ten years plus, yo, I know it’s not fair/And I’ll do another ten, I can see clear/I’m on a different page/Two seventeen, I’m on a different wave”. Here he makes reference to his status as a longstanding grime legend and also staking his claim for 2017, with a new album on the way I’m really looking forward to hearing more! Giggs delivers the second verse and his wordplay here is  just mesmerising and his flow is relaxed and almost casual. As I find with his vocals the lyrics seem simple at first but fit together perfectly and mean more everytime you here them. This is shown perfectly at the end of his verse “Man just lit the pricks up and smoke ’em/Man get lifted and soaken/Man get gassed up off all this social/Man’s got big shit in motion/Man’s too sick to be loafing, joking/Man’s too big to be boasting”. His almost effortless delivery and lines show how he really doesn’t have to do much to upstage other rappers lyrically (which in my opinion he does in most of his features and I personally think he’s done it again) but also how he is above all of the other drama that goes on in the grime scene. I also love when he uses the choral parts of the instrumental to emphasise his lyrics “Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze/Greaze, greaze, greaze” which once again come off as being effortless but sounds amazing.

Overall this track has got me hyped for Lethal’s album “Lennox Rd” due later this year, desperately wanting to hear more Flowdan and thinking that I need to re-listen to Gigg’s “Landlord” album ASAP!



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