Review – DaVinChe & Tasha Demi “#POWERS”

An album with 32 different artists! Made over the course of only 2 weeks! All produced by longstanding grime producer DaVinChe and put together by Tasha Demi! This was bound to be something special!

Opening with an impressive and epic spoken word poem courtesy of Mikill Pane “Never Stop – Intro” sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the album and acts as a rousing call to arms (very fitting as this album was released on the day of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration). This then segues perfectly into the absolute banger and first single “#POWERS” which sees Scorcher, Ghetts and Mercston trade bars over an epic instrumental. It is the beat that definitely takes pride of place in this song and DaVinChe doesn’t disappoint; there’s so much going on here in the beat, with ethereal voices, heavy drums, a guitar solo, a piano melody and pitched up vocal samples all present! It’s an exhibition in how to produce an epic grime song, grabbing the listeners attention!

The production on the album is varied, with grime songs, rap songs, trap songs, bashment-style songs and crud songs all on one single album. Every song sounds well crafted and the features fit perfectly, my favourite part has to be that despite the differing styles and artists present on the album, it still feels like a cohesive piece of work rather than a collection of randomly chosen songs put together. Overall this has the feel of a Kanye West or DJ Khaled project, whereby artists from across the spectrum of the UK music scene have been brought together to make something that is much more than the sum of it’s parts. The intensity of the album is maintained throughout and DaVinChe’s production is always on point, the beats here always take centre stage and this album acts as a showcase of his talent and versatility. It is so exciting to have a project like this at a time when UK urban music is enjoying a renaissance in commercial and critical acclaim; it’s only fitting that it’s the grime scene’s own DaVinChe who’s given this to us!

Favourite tracks: Never Stop – Intro, #POWERS, Nah Blud, Life Like This, Run Us Down



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