Reaction – Lady Leshurr “#UNLESHED 2”

Lady Leshurr has dropped the sequel to her “#UNLESHED freestyle” and she really lets loose here! Taking no prisoners and delivering razor sharp shots alongside deep personal lyrics about her own experiences with friends and struggling with anxiety, suicide and racism.

From the off I could tell this would be heavy, the opening trumpets acting as a preceding fanfare, announcing Lady Leshurr’s presence!  Opening with “Oi! / been a long time since I unleashed” Lady Leshurr immediately grabs the listeners attention with cutting bars “We can’t relate/ Nah you ain’t my niece/ I buy my clothes with cash and you use deets/ I’m petty/ I download your CD just to delete/ Chief!”. I love this opening segment, not entirely sure who Lady Leshurr is aiming at but it sounds personal and I was in absolute awe at the level of creativity these opening bars have.

After this the beat drops fully and it’s immediately in your face with strings set in the background and cymbals crashing to emphasise punchlines! The beat is sick, pure and simple, no better way to describe it and Lady Leshurr uses it to great effect, seriously every bar and punchline here hits hard and I had myself rewinding the track again and again just to here them properly and catch all of the references. No single line is wasted here and it was massively difficult to pick my favourites but here are a few “So mind ya mouth / Because I’ll catch you at your wifeys house / Creep in the crib while your lying down /  and say oi you, shine my crown”, “My arms crossed, Simon Cowel / I’ll spin heads round like an owl” (delivered with arms crossed and then spinning round in the video), “Oh my, oh me, oh my, oh what have you done? / I do not know your name so what have you done? (what have you done?) / to go against the queen, oh what are you, dum? / oh what are you foolinsh? / oh what are you dum?!”, “You don’t want to draw me out cos that’s curtains / yeah that’s certain / bars cut through your skin like I’m a surgeon / kill a man once a year like I’m purging / big online but your shy in person / what? I can’t respect that”. As well as the heavy lyrics Lady Leshurr shows off her impressive range in flows here rapping fast, slowing things down and delivering lyrics softly or spitting them with venom!

The most striking part of the song is the last minute though, where the focus of the track shifts. This is shown in the video throughout which Lady Leshurr is as in your face as her lyrics would suggest but then changes to being contemplative and melancholy. First she talks about struggles with friends “But nowadays I’m low, feeling sad / cos I lost some friends that promised to always have my back” and then goes on to talk about her struggles with mental health “my anxieties killing me, making my mind go mad / scared to go to the shop, cos people know who I am” , “So I lock myself away, but I still feel trapped / I’m a human being with a broken heart and a soul that’s cracked”. In my opinion this last section, most of which is sung (further demonstrating Lady Leshurr’s vocal talents) takes this song to another level. The brutal honesty is amazing and I felt myself feeling sad but at the same time in awe! The next two lines are particularly hard hitting “I tried to take my life in my own flat / a few months ago I got assaulted for being black” and the song ends with Lady Leshurr singing “So why would I want to leave this place because no-one knows how it is”. I think that it’s amazing how musicians and rappers in particular are becoming more open and willing talk about there own mental health experiences in their work, and I honestly believe that this is key to removing stigma about mental health and encouraging more people to talk about it!

This song definitely lives up to it’s name, Lady Leshurr has “Unleshed” her fury  on 2017 and demanded that the people listen when the queen is speaking.


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