My top 3 freestyles on GRM Daily – Hardest Out Vol. 1

Following the release of their Daily Duppy compilation albums, GRM daily have released a compilation of freestyles from their Hardest Out series, recorded over the past year, featuring 9 different freestyles from various upcoming MC’s. Now everyone goes in very, very hard on this album but these are my favourite tracks off the compilation, in no particular order!


Poundz goes in hard on this! Stating at the start that he has “Flows on flows” and then he goes on to prove that. The beat is dark and slow but Poundz aggressive flow turns it into furious, heavy banger. Poundz attacks the beat here and every line hits hard!

Flows Flowetry

I love the laid back, summery vibe of this freestyle, really gives me a Wretch 32 sort of vibe. As the the majority of tracks on the album are really dark and aggressive Flowz freestyle really stands out, at the moment I’m absolutely loving positive, happy rap and this delivers that alongside deep lyrics and clever wordplay.


This freestyle has by far my favourite lyrics out of all of the tracks in this compilation, hands down! The punchlines are absolutely on point, they hit hard and are clever at the same time, not only that but the bars flow perfectly from one to the next. “I take a look at the game and it’s looking like parliament, cos it’s a house full of commons”, “Better worship me like a majesty / got a 16 bar full of mad, if a pussy wanna challenge me / and they claim that they hard, but they not / them man come soft fabric like tapestries”, “I’m a bad rudeboy, bad boy mc / call fed when I bodybag mc’s / soak man, I’mma baptise mc’s / now it’s all eyes on me, it’s peak” (the Jme reference here got me so hyped) are just an example of the top class wordplay used here.


If your reading this, I’d love to hear your thoughts, do you agree with my picks? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @neverbeenin


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