Reaction – Dave x J Hus – “Samantha”

So what happens when you bring together two of the hottest, up and coming talents of UK urban music? An absolute banger, That’s what you get!

I’ll be honest the preview of the track I saw on twitter had me intrigued but no way certain that this would be a hit. When the actual track dropped I was so glad to found myself proven wrong! The piano melody that serves as the main feature of the beat is beautiful, seriously love how uplifting it is, but in a subtle almost elegant way. This combined with the relaxing and hypnotic flows of both rappers makes this a very chilled banger. I am amazed at how well both rappers vocals blend seamlessly into the track, it’s quite evident that this was a very carefully considered song! Lyrics wise both rappers bring absolute fire to this track,  Dave’s purposeful rapping  “We’re not G’s / I am not from your ends / I don’t give a fuck what you done / two young G’s, arms out nobody move / you could get stuck in the mud” alongside J Hus’s laid back singing “Close your eyes it might be blinding / and they wondering why I’m smiling / until I hear a siren, we pulled off in perfect timing”. The chorus sung by Dave had me singing along and is catchy as hell “I changed my number couple times / ‘Cause man kept calling me for things / And man are hating / But they’re waving / When they saw me on their strip (I know) / I know they see me on the camera / Might just link Samantha / Mix the Gentlemen with Gansta”. Interesting also to note is the video which features both rappers hanging out together in co-ordinating clothes, it’s tastefully shot and features both classy and urban locations (perhaps referencing the “Gentlemen with Gangsta” line in the chorus). The most notable thing in the video for me is the chemistry both artists have behind the camera together, it’s like a couple of best mates having a laugh together, both complimenting each others actions and neither taking all the attention. This is what has to be the most striking thing  about the whole song, just how well both artists input works together and how aware they both are of this and make use of it; the track is by “Dave x J Hus” not “feat.” and even the artwork has a blending of both artists image. That’s what this track is overall, a creative partnership by two of the most exciting young British artists around and it is mesmerising!

Check out the video below, please comment or tweet me @neverbeenin thanks for reading!


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