My top 5 favourite songs of January 2017

So January was a massive month for UK rap and grime releases and there were so many amazing tracks released! Of course I had to have a big think and decide on my top 5 of the month:

5. Ghetts Feat. Shakka – Know My Ting

Ghetts can always be counted on to bring the fire, no matter the type of track, and this fun, “dancey” track with Shakka is no exception. Ghett’s recent massive live performance of Ghetto Gospel to celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary shows how long he’s been a big part of the scene, and it’s new songs like this that show he’s here to stay.

4. Dave x J Hus – Samantha

So what happens when you bring together two of the hottest, up and coming talents of UK urban music? An absolute banger, That’s what you get! Fun, infectious, uplifting all the words I can use to describe this track have already been said. By me of course! Check out the rest of my blog for my full review of this track.

3. Yxng Bane – Shape of You (Ed Sheeran) remix

Now I’m not a massive Ed Sheeran fan, but I cannot get over this remix! Yxng Bane takes the original song and turns it into a bashment-rap banger! I love how Sheeran’s original vocals on the hook have been used and blended into the new style and how well this fits with the track overall. This remix absolutely slays the original!

2. Lady Leshurr – #UNLESHED 2

Lady Leshurr has dropped the sequel to her “#UNLESHED freestyle” and she really lets loose here! Taking no prisoners and delivering razor sharp shots alongside deep personal lyrics about her own experiences with friends and struggling with anxiety, suicide and racism. Once again this track is so good I wrote a whole review dedicated to it, if you like the track please check it out!

  1. DaVinChe Feat. Mikill Pane, Scorcher, Ghetts, Mercston, Sam Sure

“#POWERS” sees Scorcher, Ghetts and Mercston trade bars over an epic instrumental. It is the beat that definitely takes pride of place in this song and DaVinChe doesn’t disappoint; there’s so much going on here in the beat, with ethereal voices, heavy drums, a guitar solo, a piano melody and pitched up vocal samples all present! It’s an exhibition in how to produce an epic grime song, grabbing the listeners attention!

This track is the eponymous lead single from DaVinChe’s “#POWERS” project. An album with 32 different artists! Made over the course of only 2 weeks! All produced by longstanding grime producer DaVinChe and put together by Tasha Demi! This was something special, once again I have reviewed it in full so please don’t forget to check that out!


Thanks for reading, I am so incredibly hyped for what the rest of the year is going to bring music wise! What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my picks? What are you excited for in the months to come (cough *Stormzy*)? Please comment or tweet me @neverbeenin


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